Utility waxes
>Ceradent 85 { blue wax with high melting point to eliminate undercuts
>Orthowax { wax bars to protect patients from labial abrasions caused by orthodontic bracketts.

Adhesives Waxes

>Ceracol { extra hard adhesive wax to unite elements to be soldered
>Cera dura adesiva bianca { adhesive wax strongly cohesive used for fixing teeth, bracketts ecc.

For Boxing

>Boxing wax strips  { pink wax in strips for boxing impression trays and gypsum models 
>Cera azzurrina { soft and viscous pale blue wax in sticks for boxing and making wax stops
>Wax sticks grossi { pink big wax sticks in great quadrangular section for all boxing
>Wax sticks piccoli { quadrangular wax sticks for boxing impressions
>Euplastic { adhesive wax in strips for all boxing and palatal stops in the impression trays