Founded in 1937,  Industria Zingardi  specializes in

the dentistry sector, producing:


Plasters of natural base types II, III, IV  A.D.A, I.S.O. 6873 ; with, where indicated, added resins, manufactured in compliance with UNI regulations I.S.O. 6873.

Investments universal phosphates; phosphates for skeletal prostheses; gypsum for gold; gypsum and phosphates for welding .

Waxes for dental use to box and take impressions; for dental use to model; fixed and mobile prostheses.   

Insulating materials, tension reducers, and various additives


With more than 70 years of experience, the company guarantees  the highest quality of its products for:

-       A punctual analysis of raw materials, now respecting also the 1907/2006 REACH regulations,     accepted and used only on the basis of the relative protocols, with university laboratory checks and specimen analysis.

-       The formule applied are the fruit of experience and of continuing innovative research.

-       Checks on each single production lot, guaranteeing the quality and verifying that the values are those described and used by the market.

Particular needs, regarding manufacturing/hardening times, granulometry, and plastic quality can be met for each production lot.  

The technical characteristics are shown in the files on this website.


Using ZETA products you are helping scientific research and humanitarian action of high moral value supported all around the world by ZINGARDI FOUNDATION



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