Casting complements
> Espansol { universal liquid for phosphate investments
> Espansol MIX { pre-prepared liquid (50%Espansol+50%H2O)
> Nastro per cilindri { ceramic fiber ribbon for the inside lining of fusion cylinders


> Isoplast { isolating liquid gypsum/resin
> Isotecno {  isolating liquid  gypsum/wax


> Glossing Fluid { shining and protective solution for gypsum models 
> Ipotensivo { liquid to reduce the surface tension of the wax
> Moldina { mouldable paste for models boxing in laboratory
> Auxilium bianco/rosso { powder to reduce the setting time of gypsum
> Bowls { bowls of a special antiadherent plastic substance with rounded or plane border
> Pomice Zeta { natural pozzolanic pumice for the final polishing of prosthetic works

Silicones / Imprinting Materials

> Zetasil { silicon policondensation, high viscosity for laboratory masks
> Alginzeta { high precision alginate for impression. Dust free powder
> Alginzeta Chrom { high precision alginate for impression with chromatic phase indicator. Dust free powder
> Alginzeta Ortho { high precision alginate for orthodontic impressions. Dust free powder